Loose Leaf Tea Choices

Loose Leaf Tea ChoicesThere are so many different types of tea available, how can you possibly choose which one to drink? For most of the people who live in North America, the choice is easy: Earl Grey, or English Breakfast. We have been sheltered by our traditions and have had our choices limited because of our heritage. But we’re missing out. There is a whole world of tea out there just waiting to be explored. Exotic tea from faraway lands; tropical tea from mysterious worlds; tea that has journeyed thousands of miles to get to our cups... So what are you waiting for? Dive in.

Where do all these different teas come from though? And what makes them different? Tea is tea, right? And it all comes from the same plant… Well, that plant, Camellia Sinensis, is a very particular plant, and the slightest changes to the growing atmosphere around it result in big changes in the leaves, and thus the final product. That’s why settings for tea estates and plantations are chosen with such painstaking care, good tea is as much a result of location as the health of the plant and the after-harvest processing.  

Loose Leaf Tea ChoicesThe vast majority of tea plantations combine high altitude with high humidity, warm temperatures and good drainage, as well as rich soil full of minerals. But this is just where the magic starts. Once the ideal location has been chosen and the plants have been planted, harvesting must take place. Everything from the way the leaves are picked and handled, to the date and temperature and season when they are picked, to the way they are stored while being transported affects the taste and flavour of the tea. Different locations – different combinations of humidity and altitude – is what gives us so much variation between a single type of tea (for example black teas), but, once they arrive at the plantation and are ready for harvesting, the drying process is what makes the real difference. The process of drying the leaf, called fermentation or oxidation, is what provides us with our main types of teas: black, white, oolong, and green tea.

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