Kambaa - Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea

This fairly young estate was founded in 1974 to serve as the local manufacturing facility for all the small tea hold farms in the Kiambu district of Kenya. This facility is overseen by the Kenya Tea Development Agency which maintains rigid quality control standards.

Kaambaa's tea output ranks among the best in the world. More than 5400 tea farmers supply Kambaa with fresh leaf.

The Kenya Tea Development Agency oversees the work of 150,000 small hold tea farmers as well as 39 factories including Kambaa. Despite the diverse supply of green leaf the rigid quality control standards that are in place gains the results you will taste in your cup.

This tea has a malty flavour with light hints of currant, add milk to the cup and it is bright golden and inviting.

Ingredients From:  Kenya

Region (s):  Nandi Highlands

Shipping Port: Mombasa

Grade(s):  Loose Tea

Growing altitudes:  5500 - 6500 feet above sea level

Manufacture Type: Cut, Torn, Curled

Cup Characteristics:  Very malty flavor that has light hints of currant.

Infusion: Bright and coppery

Luxury Ingredients:  Black Tea



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